What's next?

U Siemachy Association definitely wants to pick up and develop INCLUSO ideas in the future. First of all, mostly the INCLUSO results and inspirations gave to the President of the Association the idea of giving up the website of the organisation and switching completely to social software with both information and promotion. This idea is just being discussed in the Association, but it is highly possible that it will become true. Various tools are being considered. However, Facebook seems to have the greatest chances to be chosen as THE tool. In this way INCLUSO has obtained a huge impact on the organisation as a whole, on its today and tomorrow.

Moreover, social software has become more and more popular among the U Siemachy employees. We will keep spreading out the information on benefits from the use of social software in the work with youth at risk among not only our own employees, but also at cooperating institutions. Defitinely the opportunities that social software creates will be presented to the Municipality of Krakow and Municipal Social Service Centre. We are convinced that online work should be discovered and implemented as a regular method of work in the formal social service system and used widely within projects addressed to various marginalised groups, young people being first on the list. The first step to achieve this will be a presentation for the Director of the Municipal Social Service Centre. Having good cooperation with the Municipality we hope for a good response.

Secondly, in the beginning of 2010 U Siemachy Association got involved in the subproject titled Sharing it (Acronym: ShareIT), realised within the People project, INTERREG IVC EU programme. The leader of the subproject is Fontys University, Holland. The experience form the INCLUSO project was used in the development of the ShareIT plan. Now, as a partnership we want to go further and experiment with the use of new technologies, including social software, mobile technologies and digital visual media in the work with young people affected by the negative results of migration processes. The project will last till the end of June 2011 and will consist of several components: research, good practices, toolkit generating and pilots and minipliots in four European countries: Poland (represented by U Siemachy Association), Sweden, Italy and Romania. Shortly – we keep on working towards the INCLUSO goals within another European project.

Secondly, the positive experience from the INCLUSO project was an inspiration for use of social software in some other projects of our organisation. Social software will be used from now on in most of the undertakings organised by U Siemachy. In one of our projects, namely Korba Project, we adapted the idea of using the Ning platform. Korba Project is addressed at young leaders from all over Silesia region. In a cycle of workshops we provide the most active young people from the voivodship with skills allowing for professional project organisation. Then we encourage them to initiate, engage other people from their towns and villages and organise their own art, sport, social or any other local project. In this way we animate social pariticipation in all parts of the region. Within Korba Project we aim to reach geographically marginalised young leaders, youg people from very small villages. It is very easy to lose their interest if they are not contacted often enough. Thanks to social software not only we can keep in touch with the leaders, but also the leaders themselves maintain the relations initiated at workshops, start cooperative projects and constantly share experience and opinions. Thanks to social software the geographical distance is not a problem anymore. All young people can easily log in, as every school is obliged to provide for students computer and Internet access. Korba project, initiated in 2009, when INCLUSO was already in progress, is going to be repeated every year. At the moment we are right in the middle of the second edition. The Ning platform has been up for a month now. We are planning to go for the payable Ning service to keep the network as it is for the next years.

As far as the very INCLUSO group is concerned, all the participants that worked till the end of the pilot want to continue their work on online flashmob organisation. They are now keen on going for a bigger event again. They feel more prepared and experienced and have the feeling they will cope with all the duties and organisational details. Since the group is rather small and Ning turns in 100% to payable facilities, we decided as a group to switch to one of the free-to-use Polish portals, providing similar functionalities. Probably we will decide on Grono. The only doubt comes from the rumours that Grono has been recently facing serious financial problems. We are now trying to check out on these rumours. The decision will be taken soon.