Verein Wiener Jugendzentren, Vienna, Austria


The Vienna University of Technology as responsible partner for the Austrian pilot does not have direct access to youth centres or to youngsters in general. Therefore, a co-operation with Verein Wiener Jugendzentren (Association of Viennese Youth Centres, VJZ) was initiated.
The City of Vienna provides professional youth work through within the city boundaries by several non profit organisations. The non profit VJZ is the largest provider of professional youth work in Vienna
and was established in 1978.
Currently, staffs of almost 300 people runs more than 30 institutions for the City of Vienna. The diverse fields of work include Open Child and Youth Work in youth centres and clubs, detached youth work, community Work and programmes in Course Centres. Additionally the association also offers events and action to support youth culture and fun - sports for teenagers.
The “Verein Wiener Jugendzentren” (further “VJZ”) and its facilities stand for professional, up-to-date work for children and teenagers, performed by a well-qualified and competent staff. Latest developments and innovations are constantly being integrated into work.
The activities are mainly developed and planned by the structures directly situated in the field. The main office takes care about financial questions, supervising, monitoring and trainings for employees.
Currently the association runs:
  • 15 Youth centres
  •  8 Youth clubs (smaller centres, with a high amount of outreach youth work)
  • 4 Units of detached youth work
  • Centre for fine arts
  • 2 Community centres
  • cu TV  -  community youth TV
  • Seasonal units for public park animation
  • Local youth parliaments
Target group of the Association is youngsters in the age from 6-19. Depending on the needs of the surroundings there is often a difference in the main focus of the project. Usually we define “Children” (6-10) “Juniors” (10-13) and “Youth” (13-19). Some centre provide also offers for adults, community centres are specialized on adults.
Each participation on every activity is on a voluntary basis!
 Organisations goals with regards to the target group
Children and teenagers must have an accepted position in our society. They should be able to live up to their own ambitions and be an innovative force in the development of our society. We are fully dedicated to our primary target group, the children and teenagers living in Vienna. We want to encourage active participation of teenagers in decision-making processes. This requires the utmost possible transparency and that teenagers are regarded as self-determined members of our society. The “Verein Wiener Jugendzentren” regards itself as lobbyist for children and teenagers. To influence decisions on their behalf is our goal.
  • We are of the opinion that teenagers should have space of their own, that they can choose and use in their way.
  • Variety in the forms of cultural expression should be supported, so that cultural and social diversity are perceived as enrichment.
  • We want to help our target group to develop moral courage, a sense of solidarity, and political understanding.
  • We support teenagers in their personal development and their positioning in society