Target group, goals, activties

As Tonuso is mainly organised for residential care and home based guidance two different target groups are installed: one in the residential care and one in the home based guidance. The aim is to have between 10 and 20 youngsters involved in the pilot.

Youngsters from both residential settings and ambulant settings are involved in the INCLUSO project.
As the organisation is mainly focusing on youngsters, the organisation goals are also mainly concerning about the youngsters:
“We aim to give a qualitative and differentiated help to children and their families. We try to organize our help in a way integrating all areas of the family/children’s life. Tonuso uses the principles of the communication-, systemic- and contextual theories to build a (better) future for the children we guide. Working with the context of the children or creating a new context is one of the important issues in our guidance.”
The pilot goals are in line with the Tonuso and INCLUSO goals:
In general:
-        to support social inclusion
-        to find a way to get a trusted relationship with counselling organisation
-        to find out how we can increase the social networks for youth at risk
The presentation of the INCLUSO goals (big picture) really helped to get people on board of the project. The big picture does not focus on ICT related topics but it uses a language that is understood by social workers and youth workers. That made it easier to communicate and to understand the purpose and opportunities.
With this scheme in background it became easier to define projects that linked up to specific goals that can be supported by the use of ICT and social software more particularly.
Some of the things we worked on can be found at:
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