Stowarzyszenie U Siemachy, Krakow, Poland

“U Siemachy” Association helps young people who have found themselves in life’s dire straits by providing them with material, psychological, and educational support. For the people in its care, the association provides opportunities for rebuilding and developing personal potential by supporting the development of effective and efficient relationships with other people and becoming valuable citizens. Thanks to a network of specialised centres, we have built a compact system for working with
young people and their families. We operate in the Daily Mode, through consultancy and therapy, sport and recreation and within a variety of projects. The basic principle of our operation is intensive and multi - faceted growth. While maintaining high dynamics, we also maintain our clear - cut direction for development. We constantly strive to create and modify our offer for children, and young people, and their families. We do not want to work in anybody’s stead, relieving them from responsibility for his or her own life, yet we give everyone the possibility of discovering and increasing their potential for own satisfaction and common good.
“U Siemachy” Association is a non-for-profit organization running a network of 16 institutions, including 6 day care centres, 3 family foster homes, 3 institutes of psychotherapy, 2 self-sufficiency groups, 1 youth club and 1 huge sport and development centre. All of the mentioned institutions are to help mainly (but not only) children from socially and financially disadvantaged families. At present, the Association supports daily more than 1,500 children and youngsters aged 3-25. “U Siemachy” has been involved in a variety of short- and long-term projects, including the projects co-financed by the European Union.