Pilot Goals and Activities


Three of the VJZ centres have been chosen as location for the Austrian pilot. All three of them use the model of Open Youth Work as basis for their day-by-day business where the youngsters can visit the centre during the opening hours and participate in any activities on a strictly voluntary basis. Essential for the approach is the low-threshold youth cafe of each centre were youngsters can spend their spare time without pressure to consume and use games (e.g. table soccer, table tennis, board games) and internet free of charge.
First a staff member of each centre was chosen for the Austrian Incluso steering group as a local responsible. Then from each of the three youth centres five youngsters have been selected making for a total of 15 pilot participants in Austria. They were between 13 and 19 years old and boys and girls were represented almost equally. The youngsters came from poor families or had a migrant background or both. The level of education is generally rather low.
The youngsters of the Austrian pilot received a small computer (a so-called Netbook) and the possibility for mobile Internet access. The youth workers job was to accompany the youngsters during the pilot period, support them in using the netbook and social software (mainly Netlog and Facebook) and encourage them to go deeper into the possibilities of Social Software by giving them some tasks. As for the general approach of VJZ every single task was attended on a voluntary basis.
The main specific Incluso targets were - going along with the general Incluso targets and those of VJZ:
  • Training practical skills in time management
  • Strengthen reliability and persistence
  • Share experiences/problems/issues with youth worker and other counsellors
  • Offer informal learning opportunities
  • Increase access to ICT / Internet
  • Increase practical ICT / Internet & digital media skills
  • Improve literacy in general and media literacy specifically
  • Better understand how to use ICT/Internet for beneficial reasons