Laura teaches her parents and coach to use Social Media

Laura is a girl that was guided a the home residence centre of Tonuso in Brussels. There was a big distance between Laura and her family because she spent very little time at home. Her coach at the guidance centre had little contact with her brother, mother and father.

Shortly after the start of the INCLUSO project the guidance situation of Laura changed: she could leave the home guidance center and return home. Shackling her to the care we gave at Tonuso would become rather difficult. According to our counsellor Albert, Laura was very active on the Internet. At home there was no computer. Albert suggested to cooperate with the Incluso project, but he himself had no knowledge of ICT or social software. Albert also wanted to try to keep in touch and give support to Laura at home.

The INCLUSO project provided for a computer and internet line. With some minor encouragement, Laura taught her parents and Albert the use of a social software platform (Netlog): how to create a profile, add friends, change profile, send mails, etc.. She even created a small test and presented that test to her parents and counsellor.

To teach a counsellor and her parents the use of ICT gave her confidence. The roles were reversed, the supervisor took lessons and instructions from a young person. The helping relationship was started. Afterwards, there were still several communications between Laura and Albert. Albert told us during an evaluation session that he had had more contact with Laura on-line, after she had left, than ever before, when she was a resident at Tonuso.

Guidance is now completed. Laura could keep the computer and her parents decided to put some money aside to pay for the internet connection.