Installation of an ad hoc ethical expert committee

Ethical peer review Committee

It is highly advisable (and obligatory in some externally funded projects) to establish alongside the project an ad hoc committee with ethical experts. One of its tasks is to check the actions and the project results with ethical implications.

Ethical issues have to be put on the agenda of all relevant meetings and the advice of the Ethical peer should be obtained whenever new or special ethical problems arise.

The composition of such an ethical committee is, in general, not prescribed.
Ethical experts can be found among:

  • Universities; sometimes they even do have a centre for Ethics.
  • Research groups on innovative care (if not exclusively focussing on medical issues)
  • Groups such as umbrella organisations of Centres for Youth activities or more generally oriented welfare groups
  • Directors of institutions with a large experience in youth work
  • International groups such as:

European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies
(EGE, link:

Ethics review unit of the EC (Dr. Kritikos)

Ethical specialist within specialised European projects such as ETICA (Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications; link: