The INCLUSO quick start guide

The INCLUSO Quick Start Guide is a simple handbook for using social media to engage with youth at risk.

A version of the INCLUSO Quick Start Guide, ready for paper print, is available for download

It has been compiled by participants in the European Union-funded INCLUSO project, a two-year research initiative involving specialist academic and commercial partners, as well as organisations working directly with marginalised young people in four EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Poland and Scotland.

These pilot partners carried out their social media research between February 2009 and June 2010. Their conclusions and recommendations have been bundled into this INCLUSO Quick Start Guide, which has been structured in a way which clearly guides the reader through the steps required to design, launch and run a successful social media project.

This online manual has been created to accompany the INCLUSO project, providing much more detailed information about engaging young people with social media. It is important that you visit the site and add to your knowledge: Chapter 2: Set up and run a project, contains the same information as this Quick Start Guide, but also has fascinating case histories which bring a real life dimension to the theory; Chapter 3: Examples of what you can do, contains explanations of the activities and outcomes conducted by pilot partners. As well as these two chapters you will find more technical information about issues such as measurement, sustainability and the INCLUSO project itself.

You can print this Quick Start Guide. It has been kept brief so that it is economical, environmentally friendly and can be carried around and read at leisure. We recommend you read the sections in the order they are presented - they will explain everything you need to do, in the order you need to do them. We have attempted to simplify the various stages as much as possible.

Once you have read this INCLUSO quick start guide, go to the INCLUSO Manual for more background information.

A one-page guide, called the INCLUSO flashcard, has been created. It presents the key points to consider when setting up a social media initiative, and you can find it in the INCLUSO manual, in Appendix: Downloads.