Ewa becomes a leader

Ewa is 15. In real life she is a bit shy. She has never been one of the leaders in her school or a daytime social therapy centre (Chorzow, Poland) she attends. She used to stand in the back row, ready to help in any action or project. Half-invisible.

However, her role changed when she joined the INCLUSO project. It turned out that “virtual” Ewa is actually one of the most important figures in the project – full of ideas, very active, self confident and ready to express her own opinion, even if it might appear odd to other people.

She definitely has been the most frequent visitor of the INCLUSO online networks on NING and PHP-Nuke. In the online event preparation she revealed a talent for organisation and task sharing. She was the one to take major decisions and urge the others to work hard. In face-to-face contact she is still a bit shy and silent (although she keeps challenging herself), but the INCLUSO participants do respect her for her online personality.