Case 7: Young people can be experts

A lot of young people in Poland, even those coming from underprivileged backgrounds, do have digital skills thanks to computer classes at school (if only they go to school and do not skip classes, of course). Some of them may surprise you with their knowledge and fluency. It may happen that they are much more skilled than you are. Do not worry about that! It does not threaten your authority.

One of the tutors in the Polish pilot claimed at the very beginning that she did not feel very comfortable when using a computer and that she knew hardly anything about social software, but she would like to join the project and see what happens. It turned out that young people were very happy to share their knowledge with her. They introduced her to the world of online games and she discovered that games actually might be useful!

Whenever her computer crashed there was always someone in the group to help. Whenever she needed some technical support or advice - she got it from the participants. On the other hand she was still a very important figure for the young people. She was experienced in event organisation and working with other people. She was very careful and supportive. She was always beside the participants when they were planning their events, discussing things online, performing their actions. She brought support whenever they needed. She helped to solve difficult situations and conflicts. She facilitated the decision making process. After all, her poor digital skills did not mean that she could not be a tutor. Quite the opposite - she was a very good one, despite poor digital skills.

So, if you think you are not strong enough in new technologies, cheer up! You do not need to be very fluent. Being literate and enthusiast is just enough. The young people will make you develop.