Case 4: Some young people are afraid of computers

It seems unlikely, but there are some young people who are afraid of computers! We found one such person taking part in the SHMUTRAIN course in Aberdeen, Scotland. This 16-year-old male had no computer or internet access at home, he did not have an email address, did not surf the net (though he had seen it) and did not see any point in using the internet. He was a slow reader, and there did seem to be some anecdotal evidence to support his claim that wenever he went near a computer it broke! (Of course, we did not admit that to him.)

So, before you get your social media project going do a survey to see how many have access to computers at home and the level of ICT experience. If some have access to the internet at home and others don't you could find yourself marginalising the 'have nots' if you give an advantage to the those who do have access at home (through content, frequency of contact etc).