Case 3: Social Media? What's that?

When early 2008, the first invitation came to Tonuso, to participate in e EU-project on the use of social media to support us in our work with youth at risk, we did not have a clue what social software was about. Of course we had heard of Facebook, Youtube and Netlog but we did not understand the relation with what we were doing. When we decided to become a partner in the INCLUSO project, the first months of the project were very troubling.

Together with the INCLUSO research team, we tried to work out an action plan but it really took us a while to understand how to integrate social media. There is always a difficulty if you want to start doing something you do not understand, that you are inexperienced in. Some trial and error is inevitable.

When we understood better what social media was about, it became easier to use them to support what we were already doing. This became our main focus: what are we aiming for at Tonuso and how can social media support us in that?