Case 8: Remember the code of conduct

Any project which requires young people to go online should include safety precautions. All INCLUSO pilots developed their own form of code of conduct, and the one at SHMU in Scotland was developed using suggestions from members of one of the pilots, SHMUTRAIN. In effect, they wrote their own code. It sets out communication guidelines and clearly states inappropriate behaviours.

A simplified version of the code is included into an Informed Consent Form (see Chapter &: Be aware), which is read and signed by over 16s themselves and the parents of under 16s. A more detailed code has been developed as an easily accessible page on the Ning sites we have created in the course of our four pilots. We point out the content to each new member and attempt to engage them in discussions on these subjects as they join.

Since the Ning sites we create are closed to non-members, anyone who visits is guaranteed a secure place in which they can be active online. This makes our code of conduct and the guidance we give all the more important as a means of preparing them to stay safe and to create constructive online attitudes.