Case 2: Reckon with barriers from unexpected sides

Plans may be elaborated in detail and with great care but sometimes obstacles from an unexpected side appear, as an example from youth centre PAHO in Vienna shows. At the beginning of the project it was planned to have close and regular contact with the young people, to help them with their individual problems and support them via a social media platform. It was expected that it would not really matter if the young people frequently visited the centre or had a good face-to-face contact with the youth workers. As it turned out it was not always possible to continuously work with the young people on the online platform.

While up to some years ago a ban on watching TV had been a common way of punishment, nowadays this seems to be replaced more and more by a ban on using the internet. Two of the youngsters from the pilot group were occasionally punished with an internet ban of up to three weeks which was quite an interruption of online work. Ongoing activities and work with those youngsters was possible only because they visited the youth centre a few times while the ban was active.
This example also shows quite well the importance of the availability of computers with internet connection at the youth centres.