Case 2: Reading and writing difficulties

The team members who worked on the Incluso pilots in Aberdeen discussed the potential reading and writing problems of  young people who were active members on the sites we created. They accepted the inevitability that some young people  would have such difficulties, but concluded they had very little evidence to examine. There is only one of our pilots in which members were forced to sit in a class setting and work at the computer - that was the SHMUTRAIN course. One member of this course struggled using the keyboard, and so we were not able to tell whether he had some sort of clinical problem with reading or writing. None of us were qualified to make any judgments, but we did reflect on whether it was an issue and how such issues should be dealt with. At the Middlefield Youth Flat we found so many young people using mobile phones to send images, video clips and games to one another by Bluetooth and we always found young people playing games on computers at the Tilly Youth Project, so all this activity and ICT fluency can mask reading and writing difficulties.