Case 1: Make sure everyone knows

"I feel that I didn’t have enough information when I first agreed to sign up to the project," said Helen Graham, project coordinator at the Middlefield Youth Flat (MYF) in Aberdeen. "I met people from SHMU and we had a quick conversation and I said that sounds interesting. It sounded a good idea to be part of an EU programme."

The Incluso coordinator at SHMU was so keen to make progress with the pilot so he accepted that the single long meeting he had with MYF staff would be enough to inform them of what the project was about and t get their support and to get them trained on the site. In reality, he didn't give nealry enough time to sit down and discuss the project in depth. More discussion would have revealed clues as to how to increase the chances of a successful pilot, any project-specific challenges, and a better assessment of staff training and motivation requirements.

While SHMU did have a discussion with management and staff it took place as part of the first step in setting up the pilot. In other words, we skipped a continuous, full and frank discussion opportunity BEFORE deciding whether the MYF was even an appropriate partner. So, always offer as much discussion - with the whole organisation - before embarking on a social media campaign.