Case 9: Let the young people feel special about being online

Four participants from the Daytime Socio-therapy Centre “Na Mogislkiej” in Krakow: Kama, Benek, Magda and Aga joined INCLUSO in the very beginning in April 2009. They have been through all the ups and downs of the pilot. At first they were a little bit suspicious about what they were going to do with the social media. However, they decided to have a try. With the other participants they started working on the organisation of some events for the local communities of Krakow and Chorzow.

Although working within INCLUSO appeared to be difficult sometimes because of the age differences, communication problems, conflicts etc., the teenagers from “Na Mogilskiej” have not given up. They developed some kind of INCLUSO pride. They are like a ‘management team’ – they invite other people to join their activities, but it’s still them who call the shots. They’ve got their own INCLUSO hour on Friday – this is the time when they can work on their special tasks, with their special INCLUSO advisor – Miss Gosia. The other kids from “Na Mogilskiej” are a bit jealous about what the group is doing. The INCLUSO participants feel important and responsible. They have got the feeling that the project isn’t for everyone and it makes them very special.