Case 6: An ICT guru is not always necessary

The Netbook computers which the young people received during their participation in the INCLUSO project in Austria may – as all technical devices sometimes do – need maintenance or repair. While not all problems can be solved by the user (in our case the young people together with the youth workers) a little technical insight may help to solve some problems by oneself.

An example from the youth centre Donaustadt, in Vienna: a Netbook was found to have a virus disguised as anti-virus software. The youth worker showed the youngster how to use internet search engines to find a solution. Finally instructions on how to remove the virus were found and the young person was able to solve the problem using the found information.

Another example was a youngster whose prepaid internet volume was used up. The youth worker showed him what the expression WLAN means and how this technology works. The young person used the information to find free WLAN access points around the area and what is more he also passed the information on to other young people who are not part of the INCLUSO project. This way he helped some of them to understand and make use of wireless accounts, a knowledge now used by those young people to access WLAN via mobile phones.