Case 6: Don't expect young people or employees to know copyright law

Young people in Poland, like probably in most of the European countries, are used to downloading software, music, movies and other items from the internet. Most of the time this process is illegal. However, possesion of illegal software or pieces of digital art is common in Poland. It is so common, that some citizens very often do not realise they are actually breaking the law. The majority of young people are in this group. This should be remebered when working with teenagers in an online project. You should be prepared to give some basic information to young people BEFORE you start the project. Several bullet points, written in a simple language will be enough. Do not expect young people to know copyright law. Do not expect that knowledge from employees either, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. We had this kind of experience in the Polish pilot.

At one of our INCLUSO events we produced a lot of video material. One of our advisors, hard working and commited to the project, decided to edit the footage to produce a short movie. It was supposed to be a surprise for the whole INCLUSO group. He chose a pleasant soundtrack and put a lot of effort into editing so that the sound corresponded to the images. Finally, he placed the video on YouTube. The result was really nice, but the problem was that as the sountrack he had chosen a song of a contemporary music band. Of course the artists had absolutely no idea about the fact that their piece was being used for INCLUSO! To our advisor's disappointment, we asked him to change the sountrack. He was disappointed enough to lose interest both for the movie and the for the project as such. It took us a lot of time to rebuild the quality of cooperation. And, luckily enough, the son of our INCLUSO director agreed to 'donate' his own piece for our video.

We could have avoided this situation, if only we had explained the basic rules to the people involved in the project.