Case 12: Social media skills open up a new world

The life of one young person involved in the Youth Radio Project pilot in Aberdeen, Scotland, has been transformed through his engagement with social media. At the start of the project he did not engage at all and delayed signing up to the site for many weeks because he didn't have an email address and could not remember the login details he was given when the incluso coordinator helped him create an account. Over a period of several months he began talking more and more about social media applications his friends were using and gradually he began to participate more frequently.

He said: "I now use social media everyday at home and sometimes at SHMU. I use it for chatting, finding out about football, looking up things I’m interested in. Just surfing. Sometimes I’m on it for hours. Past midnight sometimes. Ning has helped me get an email address and then learn about signing on for these kinds of sites. I can see all the cool stuff, play the latest music. [He was previously excluded from peer conversations because of his lack of experience and knowledge.] I wanted to get involved in taking on more responsibility [within the YRP site], but no-one else wanted to take part, so it never happened."