Can social media foster social inclusion of youth at risk?

Can social software foster social inclusion of youth at risk? The answer is: YES, BUT....

YES! We will show you some nice examples of young people that really benefited from a proper introduction to social software. Positive lessons learnt in 4 INCLUSO pilots in Brussels, Krakow, Aberdeen and Vienna demonstrate the benefits of the use of social software in the work with youth at risk. As an apetiser, we can already give you some nice examples

There is a BUT..., because not everything always goes as smooth and as planned, and through the work in the 4 pilots, we learned that sometimes is does not work.
Let's start with some "YES, it works!" appetisers, just to give you some ideas in what kind of situations social software can really be to the benefit of youth at risk. We will come to the BUT... part later on.
Even if the arguments in favour of the use of social media cannot persuade you, there is another good reason to get involved. If you are educating, training or coaching youth at risk, there is at least an important motivation to be considered. Most young people go on-line if they have access. That is what all statistics in every country in Europe tell us. Going on-line puts everybody at risk but vulnerable young people are even more vulnerable on-line. They would benefit from a proper introduction to the digital world that shows them not only the positive aspects but also prepares them for possible negative consequences. Learning young people about privacy, safety and netiquette can be considered an integral part of job if you are working with youth at risk.

But let's start with some nice apetisers: read the stories below!