Appendix: Research and policy note

This policy and research brief has been prepared by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC- IPTS) in collaboration with Directorate General Information Society & Media, Unit H3 (ICT addressing Societal Challenges) and representatives from five FP7-funded projects related to the development of ICT-based solutions for Youth at Risk (YAR) and Marginalized Young People (MYP).

This policy and research brief is based on two concertation meetings (20 January and 11 June 2010) and other exchanges that set out to develop collectively a set of agreed recommendations through a consensus building process to prioritise research and policy options for this specific area in the eInclusion field. It is also related to the development of two studies by IPTS for DG INFSO H3 on what ICT can do for the socioeconomic inclusion of youth at risk of social exclusion, entitled "Mapping and assessing the impact of ICT-based initiatives for the socio- economic inclusion of Youth at risk of exclusion2" and "Methodology and survey on the relation between the socio-economic conditions of European Young People and their access, use and aspirations regarding ICT.3"

The first part of this report summarizes knowledge from recent IPTS research which included a review of the literature on social exclusion of young people, and ICT use by young people. It also provides insights on the current EU policy context and programmes targeting YAR/MYP. In the second part, it presents commonly agreed and prioritized research and policy recommendations by 5 FP7 projects (INCLUSO, ComeIn, REPLAY, HANDS, UMSIC) regarding ICT-based solutions for the promotion of the socioeconomic and eInclusion of YAR/MYP by fostering their access to ICT, digital competences, education and training, social integration and employment opportunities.

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