Appendix: The INCLUSO project

INCLUSO is a collaborative project between seven European INCLUSO partners, funded by the European Union in its 7th Framework programme of research.

INCLUSO complies with action line 3.7: ICT for independent living and inclusion and carries out activities put forward in the call ICT-2007.7.2 Accessible and inclusive ICT, subitem Stronger RTD capacity through delivery of proof of concept for ICT solutions facilitating social inclusion of marginalized young people.

INCLUSO aims to deliver a verifiable proof that ICT, and more precisely, social software tools, can facilitate social inclusion of marginalized young people. INCLUSO makes suggestions for future research and development, based on desk research, expert input, pilot projects in 4 countries, the development of a measurement tool to screen evolution in social inclusion/exclusion and a business and sustainability model for organisations working with ICT in the area of social inclusion.

The pilot projects were initiated in strong, existing organizations with little or no experience in the use of social software, but already working with youth at risk and with a high potential to succeed in successful ICT implementation.

Feedback from the pilots enhanced the INCLUSO Manual that presents implementation strategies for ICT as a tool for social inclusion. Pilot feedback will also strengthen the business opportunities and sustainability and the measurement tool that screens social inclusion/exclusion. More about the INCLUSO project can be found on INCLUSO website at

This INCLUSO manual is one of the deliverables of the INCLUSO project. The book brings together the results of

  • desk research;
  • focus group discussions with experts on ICT and social media, people working in the field with youth at risk, young people at risk;
  • other good practices;
  • special notification goes to the "social by social handbook" that inspired us to make a similar publication, more targetting organisations working with youth at risk.
  • practical experience, built up in 4 pilot projects over a period of almost 2 years (2008-2010). More details on these pilots can be found below.

Below you will find the stories of the 4 pilots. They tell the story from their perspecitive. The INCLUSO parntership consisted of researchers with an academic background, people with a business background and people who work every day with youth at risk. If turned out to be a very interesting debate between theory and practice. In this section, you will read how the 4 pilot projects worked, each coming from different backgrounds, with different problems and opportunities. One thing is sure: they all learned a lot and conclude that the result was worth the journey.