Actively promote the use of job sites to support young people in finding work

  • Goals

Young people at risk often lack the skills to present themselves on job sites. In the Tonuso pilot, the experience is that they often stick to very inefficient strategies. For instance young people just walk into the nearest shops and ask for vacancies. If that is not successful, they give up. So, the goal of this activity is to support young people in using online tools to find a job. This activity also fits into a strategy to get more involved with one of the stakeholders for the Tonuso pilot.

  • Activity

In the Tonuso pilot, a staff member instructs the young people to present themselves on job sites like the VDAB website, which is the official service for unemployed people in Flanders. Other sites, like interim job websites, offer the same facilities. The young people need support in order to create a profile that presents a realistic, but attractive account of their skills and CV. They may need some support in writing appropriate language, managing the website interface and responding correctly to emails which require a follow-up.

  • Tools and resources used

In the Tonuso pilot, we focused on those young people that were ready to look for a job. A Tonuso staff member planned 1.5 hours of training and support for a girl to explain how to use the VDAB site. While it is possible to organise group training, in the Tonuso case we found that an individual approach has more effect. The online CV forms need a lot of personal information that requires an individual approach. In the VDAB case, the site compares your CV with vacant jobs and sends an SMS message or email to the personal mailbox.

  • Results and evaluation

The reactions of the young people were rather positive. This was also triggered by the fact that they were interested in finding a job and that the activity was in line with their own expectations. They learned about the existence and use of online job websites, how to create a CV and how to respond to incoming related messages. As the numbers of young people involved were small, no figures are available regarding the effectiveness of this activity in producing actual work placements.