The INCLUSO Game is designed to help an organisation gauge its readiness for a social media campaign.

The game has four key themes: Goals, Activites, Tools and Sustainability.

The format has been designed to help a group of people from an organisation explore how social technology might be used for social benefit, in a context that’s relevant to them and their work. It’s a mix of collaboration and competition that should give your stakeholders lots of practical ideas that would work in real projects.

Ideally, the game should be played by a group of about 8 people, preferably from a youth organisation working with youth at risk and/or its stakeholders.

The task is to develop a realistic scenario in which social software is introduced into the organisation's work. The group discusses goals and activities using the cards provided.

The aim is to put together a pitch for the INCLUSO solution to the problem. The real strength in the game is the way it gets people talking about the use of social media as a tool to foster social inclusion of youth at risk.

The INCLUSO game was inspired by the Social by Social game, developed by David Wilcox, Amy Sample Ward and Andy Gibson. This in turn was based on the Social Media Game, originally developed by Beth Kanter, David Wilcox and Drew Mackie. The INCLUSO project team used this as a starting point and redesigned the game to fit into the INCLUSO concept, putting a focus on organisations that work with youth at risk.

Like this book, the game is Creative Commons licensed and can be used, remixed and copied freely with appropriate attribution.

  • You can run the game yourself, or hire us to run it for you. (Send an email to You can also take the materials and remix them into other formats, or just use them as prompts for your own thinking.
  • The game is designed for organisations working with youth at risk. The game works best if it is played by members of the same organisation. If that is not the case, all players should imagine being members of the same organisation.
  • The game enables any team which is planning to integrate social media into daily practice of the organisation, to discuss goals, activities, tools and the readiness of the organisation to work with social media. Sustainability issues are also part of the discussions.
  • The total time for the game is about 2.5 hours.
  • It's just a game! It's only meant to create room for discussion. Deviation from the game rules is allowed.
  • The game should have a facilitator, if available.

We encourage you to make a short video of your game playing, upload them to any platform and tell us about it! Send an email to and let us know how you got on!