Cyberhus (English: 'Cyberhouse')

Using the Internet as our primary medium, Cyberhus strives to bring together communities of interest throughout Denmark, helping young people gain confidence and acquire new skills. Ideally, the success young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have as users of will empower them to participate in wider society activities. Thus, we seek to encourage them to use digital technology in ways that improve their self-confidence and life-skills, bringing them closer to achieving purposeful goals.

''Starting from a voluntary and non-commercial work, it is Cyberhus' mission to renew the way we meet and enter into dialogue with children and teens. This happens through innovative uses of internet-based counselling and activities which advise, involve and develop the children and teens on their own terms. This is done in accordance with our values: Trust, respect and broadness.''

''Cyberhouse wishes to be the preferred virtual and socio-pedagogical meeting place for at-risk children and teens in Denmark.''


50 volunteers aged between 18 and 63 are currently working at Cyberhus. The volunteers work at our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Quite a few of them work at home using their own computers, making Cyberhus a decentralized organisation in terms of geography, yet, a close-knit organization in terms of technology, as we are all connected in cyberspace.

Chat counselling service

Cyberhus’ core service is the anonymous and confidential chat counselling service for children and teens who are facing various problems in life. All children and young people regardless of their age can seek help through this service. It is a requirement that each volunteer counsellor has a professional background within the social services field. In order to ensure the children's safety, and observe our ethical commitment, each new volunteer is asked to sign legal documents testifying that he/she has not committed legal offences involving children. These documents must be verified by the local police before a new volunteer or counsellor is invited to join the Cyberhus community.

Cyber School

Cyberhus’ Cyber School service offers IT workshops for school children and their teachers throughout Denmark. At each IT workshop our Cyber School agents lead discussions with the children about ‘netiquette’ and internet safety. The Cyber School team is in touch with approximately 25 to 50 school children each week.

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