About the INCLUSO Project

INCLUSO is a collaborative project between seven European partners, funded by the European Union in its 7th Framework programme of research.

INCLUSO complies with action line 3.7: ICT for independent living and inclusion and carries out activities put forward in the call ICT-2007.7.2 Accessible and inclusive ICT, subitem Stronger RTD capacity through delivery of proof of concept for ICT solutions facilitating social inclusion of marginalized young people.



INCLUSO aims to deliver a verifiable proof that ICT, and more precisely, social software tools, can facilitate social inclusion of marginalized young people. INCLUSO will make suggestions for future research and development, based on desk research, expert input, pilot projects in 4 countries, the development of a measurement tool to screen evolution in social inclusion/exclusion and a business and sustainability model for organisations working with ICT in the area of social inclusion.

The pilot projects were initiated in strong, existing organizations with little or no experience in the use of social software, but already working with marginalised young people and with a high potential to succeed in successful ICT implementation.

Feedback from the pilots will enhanced the INCLUSO Manual that presents implementation scenarios for ICT as a tool for social inclusion. Pilot feedback  also strengthened the business and sustainability models and the measurement tool that screens social inclusion/exclusion.

The INCLUSO game was developed to initiate the use of new media in organisations working with youth at risk.

INCLUSO is participation in the 2010 European year for combating poverty and social exclusion.